First B2B platform for Ammonia sees the light!

By Sabine Lobnig, Feb 16, 2009, 16:18 3 minute reading

The world’s first online platform to exclusively promote the natural refrigerant ammonia (R717) is available from today at The website will offer daily news, products and knowledge for the industry, as well as raise awareness of its benefits worldwide. will be the first information hub to focus exclusively on the advantageous use of ammonia as a refrigerant - R717 under official industry nomenclature - in industrial and commercial applications, chillers, and heating, among others. The site’s major goal will be to enhance the knowledge transfer between science and the HVAC&R industry worldwide, to spread the word about the benefits of ammonia for cooling and heating, and serve as an interactive platform for discussion and network building. Featuring regular news, a growing collection of relevant papers, and a dedicated products & services section, the website will ensure that the R717 community will be updated on recent progress in ammonia applications and worldwide developments affecting their use. 

“We are known for providing cutting-edge news worldwide for natural refrigerants. is the missing link. From today, we will work proactively with industry organisations, companies, and governments to ensure that the ammonia community gets its voice heard,” says Marc Chasserot, Managing Director, Shecco.


The new information hub offers the following services from today:

News: Regular news in the categories Product, Industry, Policy, and Events will keep the R717 community informed on most recent developments affecting the application of ammonia. Should you be interested to receive short notifications once a new article has been published, please subscribe at the top right of each page.

Products & Services: A database of components and system suppliers for R717 technology, as well as consultancy and engineering services will facilitate the search for supplying companies, potential development partners, and research facilities. To advertise your products & services, contact us.

Papers: The steadily growing online collection of presentations, scientific studies, policy documents, and press articles will help industry experts, researchers and public authorities to learn more about ammonia and its potential to replace high global warming chemicals.

Policies: Policy documents, industry standards, and guidelines from the U.S., Europe, Australia, China, and Japan are already available, with more initiatives and world regions to be added soon.

Events: A list of conferences, meetings, and trade fairs makes sure you don’t miss the next event relevant for you. If you want to advertise your conference or trade fair, please contact us.

Coming next…

Over the coming weeks and months, will add more relevant products and services, papers and policies. Soon, it will move towards a truly interactive platform for the R717 Community worldwide by adding a discussion forum, groups, and other B2B networking tools to connect industry, science and policy. With a growing number of partners to showcase their components, systems and services, will hence become THE Business to Business (B2B) platform for the natural refrigerant.

Input needed!

Contact us for any idea you might have on how to improve our services. We especially welcome news that might be of interest to the ammonia community, knowledge resources, and policy updates, at:

Why ammonia21? is an initiative by Shecco, a Brussels-based consultancy offering marketing and communications services to support the deployment of climate friendly technologies. Shecco is building on the success of its two other natural refrigerants platforms, and, with the latter already being established as THE reference source for the natural refrigerant CO2 (R744). The number “21” on the website’s name symbolizes the challenges, but also opportunities mankind is currently facing, where ammonia needs to play its part to ensure the 21st century will be one of sustainability. Moreover, it also refers to the international age of adulthood - just as R717 technology is a technically mature alternative ready to replace many more harmful F-gases worldwide today.


By Sabine Lobnig

Feb 16, 2009, 16:18

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