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By Sabine Lobnig, Dec 01, 2008, 00:00 3 minute reading

The first reference source exclusively dedicated to ammonia as a refrigerant in cooling and refrigeration is now live online at The site will offer news, products, a papers collection, forums & groups, and B2B networking tools.

Today, 1 December, was officially launched as an interactive B2B platform to exclusively promote ammonia (NH3) as a refrigerant in industrial and commercial refrigeration, chillers and heating, among others. Its main objective will be to facilitate knowledge sharing on the worldwide use of ammonia as a refrigerant - R717 under official industry nomenclature - through regular news, a collection of papers, and a dedicated products & services section.

The platform, however, will be more than just a way to advertise NH3 technology. Rather it is an interactive tool that will help you stay connected with the global R717 community and be involved in forum discussions, groups, and other B2B networking opportunities.

“For a long time now, Shecco has been in contact with major players in the field of ammonia refrigeration, including suppliers, manufacturers, and the cold storage and logistics industry. We understood their need for tools that allow them to share best practice and help spread the word about the global potential of R717. As an answer, today we launch as the first online tool to connect NH3 experts, showcase latest ammonia solutions, and help remove last barriers to a widespread use of this viable solution,” says Álvaro de Oña, Marketing Manager, Shecco.

What to expect is currently running as a Beta test version and will be fully functional in Q1 2009. Latest by then, it will offer you the following services:
  • News: A daily update on recent developments affecting the use of NH3 worldwide.
  • Products & Services: A database of refrigerants, components, systems & engineering services providers in the field of ammonia refrigeration & cooling.
  • Forum & Groups: Interactive tools to facilitate knowledge-sharing between NH3 experts, exchange best practice, schedule meetings, upload files, and work on joint projects.
  • My Your personal gateway to the world of hydrocarbon refrigerants. Invite, discuss, share, connect ….simply interact!
  • B2B Networking: An open members database to find project partners, customers, suppliers, researchers and employers worldwide.
  • Events: A list of conferences, meetings, and trade fairs of relevance for the R717 refrigeration industry.
  • Knowledge: The first online collection of papers, studies, presentations, standards and articles dedicated exclusively to NH3.
  • Jobs: New openings for engineers, academics, and marketers.
The 3rd platform on Natural Refrigerants & the series is the third platform dedicated to a specific natural refrigerant which is managed by Shecco, a Marketing & Communications consultancy helping companies worldwide to bring climate friendly solutions faster to market. The new site,, builds on the success of, a portal dedicated to the natural refrigerant CO2 launched two years ago, which has now become THE information hub for CO2 Technology worldwide.

In November 2008, Shecco launched “” - exclusively dedicated to the group of natural hydrocarbon refrigerants - as the first platform following the “” concept. The number 21, as the age of maturity (or adulthood) reflects the technical readiness of natural refrigerant solutions, able to replace many more harmful F-gases worldwide. What’s more, the series is the new signpost for viable technologies making the 21st century a century of sustainability.


By Sabine Lobnig

Dec 01, 2008, 00:00

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