Arneg and Frigo Tecnica Announce Refrigeration Partnership

By Tine Stausholm, Jan 06, 2022, 09:37 2 minute reading

The two Italian natural refrigerant manufacturers aim to boost business growth and promote sustainability.

Frigo Tecnica HQ.

Italian HVAC&R manufacturers and natural refrigerant specialists Arneg and Frigo Tecnica announced a new refrigeration partnership just before Christmas that aims to boost growth and combine the companies’ skills and experience for a more sustainable future.

Frigo Tecnica has expertise in ammonia/NH3 (R717) systems, allowing Arneg to create “additional business opportunities in the industrial refrigeration sector,” the companies said in a statement. Frigo Tecnica will benefit through access to new technologies, a broader customer base and the benefit generated by economies of scale.

“We are extremely pleased to have joined the great Arneg family,” said Frigo Tecnica CEO Paolo Lucci. “The most significant advantage for both parties will be the possibility of combining the knowledge, skills and experience of the highly qualified personnel of the two companies in order to exploit this precious diversity to generate new stimuli and ideas for growth.”

“More than the inevitable response to a period of crisis, diversification is the way to strengthen its foundations and face the future more solidly,” the companies said in their joint statement.

Frigo Tecnica manufactures integrated refrigeration systems for industrial applications, with naval refrigeration as its core business area, though it also operates in logistics, soil freezing and food processing. As an example of its food processing systems, Frigo Tecnica highlights a huge 8MW (2,275TR) ammonia system installed for a Saudi Arabian food processing company.

Arneg produces a range of transcritical CO2 (R744) refrigeration racks, from the small Mini Booster to the industrial-sized BoosterXL, as well as remote cabinets for CO2 systems.
We are extremely pleased to have joined the great Arneg family,” - Paolo Lucci, Frigo Tecnica

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By Tine Stausholm (@TStausholm)

Jan 06, 2022, 09:37

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