Single Screw Ammonia Heat Pumps

Vilter has extended the Single Screw compressor line with the addition of high pressure heat pump screw compressor models. These screw compressor units, with frames constructed of nodular/ductile iron or cast steel, are capable of operating with ammonia at extremely high condensing temperatures.


Integrated into existing ammonia refrigeration systems, the heat pump compressors provide a cost effective solution to harnessing and converting your heat of rejection to high grade hot water, up to 195°F (90°C).

The Vilter high pressure heat pump compressors retain the single screw’s inherent design advantages of balanced forces for long life and high reliability, and parallel slides for peak performance at full or part load performance and reliability superior to any twin screw compressor.


  • Model VHP-SC-451-600
  • Converts waste heat to hot water
  • Eliminates fossil fuel hot water heater
  • Retrofit to an existing ammonia system
  • 200 GPM at 62°F to 145°F (45.4 m3/h at 16.7°C to 62.8°C)
  • Average COP of 5.0

Sources of Recoverable Heat

Heat pumps extract heat from a variety of sources and convert the heat to higher temperatures for use in many industrial applications. The advanced compression capabilities of Vilter’s single screw technology have contributed to the development of heat pumps for industrial applications, providing higher capacities and a greater range of temperatures than prior generations of heat pump compressors.


  • Industrial refrigeration


Single Screw Ammonia Heat Pumps

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