• Unique pipe-connection system, without gaskets 
  • Highly hermetic sealing ensured  for pipe dimensions from 12 mm up to 114.3 mm (4“) within a broad temperature range for almost any piping system.


Haelok fittings are considered the only mechanical alternative to welding. The Haelok metal-to-metal press system is flexible, very easy to use, safe  and thus money saving connection system ideal for the natural refrigerants cooling industry. Safe and fast connections without the use of any flames or open fire and can be installed by anyone, anywhere under any circumstance.

Technical Specifications
  • Tested and approved up to 1140bar, 16 ́500 psi.
  • Metal-to-metal seal and 100% non-welded parts.
  • Temperature range is from –55°C to +400°C according to material in use.
  • Highly hermetic sealing ensured  for pipe dimensions from 12 mm up to 114.3 mm (4“)
  • Usable in combination with carbon steel pipes, annealed stainless steel pipes and primed carbon steel pipes. Seamless, welded and cold rolled pipes are allowed.
  • Pipe Hardness :allowed up to a maximum of Rockwell B scale hardness of 90.

  • Applicable in many different applications, various pipe diameters, materials, pressures, temperature ranges and fluid contents
  • Appropriate fitting for the lifetime of the piping system
  • Works in small, difficult to access spaces 
  • No inspection by X-ray or other methods needed
  • Installation is secure and can be done in any circumstance or weather condition
  • Significantly faster than welding
  • Supplied pre-assembled, very simple installation
  • Fast installation and no need for certified, experienced labor
  • No hot works;fire or explosion risks are minimized
  • No harmful welding fumes, no glaring light, no intense heat
  • Pressed permanently sealed



Haelok Product Catalogue
Haelok Product Catalogue

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