Azanechiller 2.0

The Azanechiller range of air cooled ammonia packaged chillers have been designed to meet the environmental and legislative challenges facing users of cooling across a wide range of applications.

Azanechiller 2.0 is a complete refrigeration package integrating high quality, industrial components with our customized Telstar PLC control system to offer unrivalled efficiency, performance, reliability and quality.

Key features include:

  • The use of Ammonia as a refrigerant - most efficient, and it's future proof!
  • No machinery room required
  • Flooded PSHE evaporator with negligible superheat
  • Close-coupled evaporator with very little suction losses
  • IPLVs in the 23 MBH/kW range with part load COPs as high as 11.8
  • EC variable speed condenser fan motors
  • Stainless tube and epoxy coated fin condensers
  • Floating suction pressure as load allows
  • Floating head pressure to 50°F or lower as ambient allows
  • Remote monitoring capability for efficiency sustainability
  • PLC control for fully unattended operation
  • Stainless steel UL electrical control panel with Allen Bradley PLC
  • Fully automatic oil recovery 
  • 360 degrees of convenient maintenance access
  • Option for free heating from auxiliary ammonia condenser
  • Option for on-board process pumps to save total project costs

Low Environmental Impact

The Montreal Protocol phasing out R-22 incorporated HFCs as controlled substances under the Kigali Amendment in 2016. This sets the direction toward HFC phase-down on a global scale. 

Since the Azanechiller uses ammonia, (R717) which has no Ozone Depleting or Global Warming characteristics, it represents a future proof solution immune to the uncertainty of furture HFC gas costs and availibility. 

Naturally Efficient Refrigerant

Ammonia offers exceptional efficiencies across a wide range of operating conditions. For typical applications, ammonia offers a 20% improvement in performance compared with systems using HFCs.

Naturally Efficient Operation

The Azanechiller 2.0 range has set a new benchmark in chiller efficiency by integrating variable speed reciprocating compressor technology with EC fans, close evaporator approach design and advanced controls. Azanechiller 2.0 delivers efficiency that is at least 20% higher than competing HFC chiller technology.

Key energy efficient features include:

  • Use of ammonia in a flooded evaporator with a tight approach and negligible superheat
  • EC fan motors
  • Floating head pressure control
  • Floating suction pressure control
  • Minimal suction pressure drop
  • VFD driven reciprocating compressors


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