• Open type screw compressors


Bitzer's open type screw compressors are designed for air-conditionning, medium and low temperatures applications and are suitable for booster systems applications.

Technical specifications
  • Displacement at 2900 / 3500 1/min in m³/h
  • Efficient capacity control: 100 % – 75 % – 50 %
  • From model OS.85, three-step or infinite slider control
  • High-quality and reliable shaft seal
  • Capacity range: Up to ten displacement stages
  • Parallel operation: Up to six compressors is possible
  • Parallel circuits offer further advantages of the system:
                         - High system reliability and redundancy without over-dimensioning
                         - Virtually infinite capacity control
                         - High part load efficiencies by powering compressors up and down
                         - Compact compressor system with simple maintenance and service

  • High cooling capacity and performance coefficient with and without economiser operation
  • integrated
  • Reliable continuous operation through patented lubrication system and generously dimensioned bearings
  • Standard motors can be flanged directly to the optional coupling housing without costly alignment work
  • Clutches are also available as accessories


  • Large commercial
  • Industrial applications
  • Marine refrigeration systems
  • Explosion protection zones


Open drive screw compressors 
Open drive screw compressors by Bitzer

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