YAMATO Co. Ltd. is an engineering company specializing in planning, designing, installation and maintenance for freeze and refrigeration facilities and HVAC. For these two areas, YAMATO Co. Ltd. originally developed a thermal heat storage system, accumulating thermal energy during nighttime for daytime loads, to achieve daytime electricity saving. Patented Ultra Eco-Ice System (UEI) is adapted by customers in Japan where it helps reduce daytime electric power demand significantly, improve energy efficiency and reduce running cost. UEI system introduces brine on secondary side and this way significantly reduces HFC refrigerant charge and its leakage.

YAMATO plans to introduce its new HFC-free solution using UEI for commercial refrigeration (low temperature freezing case). The research of UEI combined with systems using natural working fluids CO2 and ammonia as a primary refrigerants was partially subsidized by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization).


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