Vahterus Launches Multi-Condenser for Ammonia Heat Pumps

By Michael Garry, Nov 20, 2020, 16:51 2 minute reading

The plate-and-shell heat exchanger improves a heat pump’s COP by desuperheating, condensating and subcooling R717 in a single unit; online launch set for Nov. 26.

Vahterus' PSHE Multi-Condenser

Vahterus Oy, a Kalanti, Finland-based manufacturer of plate-and-shell heat exchangers (PSHE), is introducing the PSHE Multi-Condenser, a new model of ammonia (R717) condenser developed primarily for the heat-pump market.

The unit is also suitable for other condensing applications, such as steam condensers, said Vahterus in a statement.

“We see that there's a big demand for this type of product in the growing ammonia heat pump market,” said John Ritmann, Business Development Manager for Vahterus. 

Ritmann and Valtteri Haavisto, Customer Service Director at Vahterus, will formally introduce the new product at a live-stream launch on Thursday, November 26, at 11 am Eastern European Time (EET). To register for the event, click here.

According to Vahterus, the  PSHE Multi-Condenser improves a heat pump system’s COP by desuperheating, condensating and subcooling ammonia in a single unit, allowing for multiple variations. 

“It’s a perfect product for all type of customers as it makes the total package very simple and compact by putting three functions together when heating up water,” said Mikko Tuomainen, Key Account Manager for Vahterus.

The product’s fully welded plate construction “has no gaskets that require service or create possible leakage risk for the surrounding environment,” noted Vahterus. “The gasket-free construction offers increased safety and efficiency at any high pressure (40, 60 or 80 bar) and design temperatures up to 250 °C (482°F),” added Ritmann.

Additionally, Tuomainen said, “the product features the widely known benefits of our plate-and-shell technology: easy installation, broad selection of different plate materials, further customization possibilities and substantial cost savings due to less piping, insulation etc.”

The installed heat-pump capacity of Vahterus condensers is over 1,000MW (284,345TR), the company said, adding, “The new Vahterus PSHE Multi Condenser will make it possible to get even more capacity and higher system COP in the coming years.”

In September, Vahterus launched a virtual showroom for its heat exchanger products to conclude its 30th anniversary celebration.

 We see that there's a big demand for this type of product in the growing ammonia heat pump market.”
–  John Ritmann, Vahterus

By Michael Garry

Nov 20, 2020, 16:51

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