Colmac Coil launches new defrost tech

By Rico Meyn, Dec 07, 2018, 10:36 1 minute reading

New technologies from Colmac Coil promise to reduce the cost of defrost.

Inflated Duct Sock

U.S. company Colmac Coil has launched three new technologies for use with its A+Series™ air coolers in industrial refrigeration systems, which the manufacturer promises will increase energy efficiency. 

The firm says the new technologies – Return Air Defrost Hoods, Discharge Duct Stocks and Demand Defrost Sensors – can “reduce costs associated with defrosting by as much as 90%”. It has exclusive patents on all three. 

The firm states that up to “60% of the energy expended to defrost air coolers is typically lost to the refrigerated space due to convection of heated air”. 

In seasons when little defrosting is needed but the coolers are defrosted nonetheless, heat is unnecessarily added to the space. 

Generally, defrosting consumes a large amount of energy in industrial refrigeration systems. Colmac Coil aims to solve this problem with the introduction of its new technologies. 

By Rico Meyn

Dec 07, 2018, 10:36

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