UPDATE: shecco's new webinar series begins with a bang as viewers learn more about GUIDE North America

By Robert Davidson, Sep 24, 2015, 13:50 1 minute reading

On 22 September, shecco hosted its first webinar. Led by shecco’s Deputy Managing Director Nina Masson, the webinar presented key findings from the newly published GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants in North America. A link to the recording of the webinar can be found here

shecco is entering exciting new territory with its new webinar series that will routinely discuss the pertinent issues in the global market for natural refrigerants.

The first entry to the webinar series will focus on the recent publication, the GUIDE to Natural Refrigerants in North America – State of the Industry 2015.

Discover the vast landscape of natural refrigerant applications in North America

Masson will bring the audience on a journey of the various market, policy and technological trends that are currently driving the North American market to reach new levels of adoption for natural refrigerants.

While several industry sectors are adopting natural refrigerants, Masson will use the webinar to give in-depth explanations to the three main applications that have been subject to the biggest upheavals in both supply and demand. The three main sectors: light commercial, commercial and industrial refrigeration will all be dissected to show the number of natural refrigerant installations for each sector across North America which have all experienced growth in the triple digits.

Market maps for each sector will be presented, showing where the 291,000 pieces of light commercial refrigeration equipment are located, in addition to 409 retail stores using natural refrigerants and the 324 industrial refrigeration systems using “next-generation” natural refrigerant-based solutions.

Masson will also look at the result of an HVAC&R industry-wide survey, which collected the expectations and opinions of hundreds of stakeholders in the natural refrigerant market.

Other features to be discussed include:

  • A look at the current and future policies driving adoption of natural refrigerants in North America  
  • An assessment of commercial availability for the expected commercialisation dates of the lesser-used applications introduced.

Watch the webinar here


By Robert Davidson

Sep 24, 2015, 13:50

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