As cold as ice - the new GEA Geneglace G100

By Robert Davidson, Feb 04, 2015, 10:13 2 minute reading

Chillventa 2014 saw the introduction of GEA’s Geneglace G100, which is the first ice generator in GEA’s new premium series. The Geneglace is crafted to ensure continuous operation and can produce up to 2500kg of flake ice per day due to GEA’s new patented technology and can use both CO2 and NH3 as a refrigerant.

GEA Refrigeration Technologies have been in continual operation, improving and expanding their knowledge for over 150 years and this is evident in their new Geneglace G100 ice generator, which utilises new, patented technology. The new GEA Geneglace G100 is the first of four model sizes in a new premium range from GEA. This new series has at its core a laser-welded and vertically configured cylinder produced from stainless-steel plates and filled with a non-compressible liquid.

Increased efficiency compared to earlier models

The cool silver casing of the Geneglace protects what is integral to the Geneglace. The design is based on a static cylinder with few moving parts with the cylinder being fully insulated. This means that all the refrigeration is transferred directly to the water.

The G100 operating pressure is nearly three times that of earlier models and the required amount of filled refrigerant has been reduced by a third compared to earlier volumes. The new ice generator can be operated with either CO2 or ammonia. The Geneglace is also more energy efficient and due to its unique design, it is also 30% lighter in terms of weight meaning it is a less cumbersome option and helps with the ease of installation.

High performance ice maker

The Geneglace G100 offers cooling duty of 14kW and produces up to 2500kg of flake ice per day. When it is operating with water at 15°C and at a refrigerant evaporating temperature of -27°C, the flakes are 1.7mm thick. When used with CO2 or NH3, it is capable of a maximum operating pressure of 40 bar.

The ice making motion is slow and smooth and as such requires little maintenance. It is ideal for industrial food processing and seafood preservation.

About GEA Group

GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft is one of the largest suppliers for the food processing industry and a wide range of other process industries. As an international technology group, the company focuses on process technology and components for production processes. GEA Group is one of the market and technology leaders in its business areas.


By Robert Davidson

Feb 04, 2015, 10:13

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