Case study selections for ATMOsphere Asia 2015

By Pilar Aleu, Jan 21, 2015, 18:57 2 minute reading

Several leading companies including Mayekawa will be presenting their innovative natural-refrigerant technology case studies at the 2nd annual ATMOsphere Asia 2015. Mayekawa’s presentation will focus on the generation of hot water via an ammonia heat pump using the rejected heat of a refrigeration system.

The ATMOsphere Review Board has announced the case studies selected for presentation at ATMOsphere Asia 2015, which will take place from 3-5 February in Tokyo, Japan. Motobumi Ono, from Mayekawa Australia, will showcase one of his latest projects using ammonia as the refrigerant.

The application of NH3 heat recovering high temperature heat pump hot water generation for the meat industry in New Zealand by Motobumi Ono, Mayekawa Australia

Modern industrial refrigeration systems typically consist of single and/or multi stage ammonia compressors to provide cooling solutions for numerous applications and processes. More often than not, the heat absorbed from within the refrigerated space, plus the heat of compression is rejected to the atmosphere via an air, evaporative or water cooled condenser. With the current and ongoing environmental challenges and the global expectation of improving energy efficiency, rejecting such a large amount of heat without utilization can be deemed as wasteful.

A large number of industrial refrigeration system users often require large quantities of hot water for either wash down, boiler make up, or CIP processes. The presentation will focus on generating useful hot water via an ammonia heat pump, rather than rejecting the refrigeration system heat. This offers an energy efficient method of useful and sustainable hot water generation for many industries.

Other case studies that will be presented at the conference include:

  • "Transfer pressure control type" CO2 refrigeration system, by Hidekazu Tachibana, Panasonic
  • CO2 cascade heat pump for CVS by Yukio Yamaguchi, SANDEN Corporation
  • Introduction of “Pascal Air” – an air refrigeration system by Nobuya Ishitsuka, MAYEKAWA MFG
  • Empirical evaluation of the annual efficiency for a trans-critical R744 booster system with parallel compression in Asian climate conditions and sample applications by Oliver Javerschek, BITZER
  • Integrated CO2 systems for warm climatesby Katsunori Shibata, CAREL
  • F-Gas Free Ultra Eco-Ice System with CO2 Refrigerator by Sadao Nishimura, Yamato Co.
  • Retailers Ensure Sustainable Technology Uptake - KIWI case Norway and transcritical technology fitting Asia by Anders Juul, Danfoss
  • CO2 Heat pump water heater for commercial use by Hironari Fujiki, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  • Plug-in Hydrocarbon Showcase: Natural refrigerants for commercial freezers - Introduction and Practical experience by Kazuhiro Tatewaki, REI-TECH
  • Kawasaki turbo chiller using water as a refrigerant by Hayato Sakamoto, Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Detailed descriptions of these case studies can be found in the following articles:

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About ATMOsphere Asia 2015

ATMOsphere Asia returns for its second edition, once again serving as the meeting place for HVAC&R industry stakeholders from both Asia and around the world to discuss the latest natural refrigerant market trends, technology innovations and regulatory issues. The conference programme covers a range of applications including commercial, light commercial, industrial & transport refrigeration, heat pumps and air conditioning.

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By Pilar Aleu

Jan 21, 2015, 18:57

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