Chillventa 2014: Latest ammonia systems and components on show

By Klara Skačanová, Oct 24, 2014, 18:01 5 minute reading

A large number of companies presented and showcased ammonia system and components at Chillventa 2014, held on 14-16 October 2014 in Nuremberg, Germany. was on site and provides an overview of some of the latest products presented.

The new EU F-Gas Regulation which will kick in starting 2015, has generated increased interest in and offers of natural refrigerant solutions, clearly evident at the latest Chillventa trade fair. While ammonia has been in use in industrial refrigeration for many years already, several companies presented new, innovative solutions that further increase the energy efficiency of industrial and commercial refrigeration and AC systems. outlines in this article a snapshot of what was on the show:

Armaturenwerk Altenburg AWA: AWA displayed valves suitable for ammonia industrial refrigeration.

Bacharach: The manufacturer of advanced equipment for gas and liquid measurement devices showcased the Multi-Zone Gas Leak Monitor HGM-MZ for ammonia monitoring in commercial refrigeration systems, featuring infrared sensor and large LCD display for easier configuration and control.

Cofely Refrigeration: A new turn-key ammonia chiller Amonum now also available as a container solution was presented by Cofely. The Amonum is available in four capacity categories ranging from 50 to 200 kW, and is particularly well suited for use in brine applications at -15˚C, process cooling and AC at +15˚C, as well as heat recovery with a condensation temperature of up to 50˚C.

compact Kältetechnik: Manufacturer of compressor racks, compact displayed an ammonia brine chiller with U-turn, besides its transcritical CO2 systems.

Dorin: At the Dorin stand, alongside the company’s extensive range of compressors for CO2 and hydrocarbons, was the 2S-90VS-NH3 compressor for ammonia. The open drive double stage application has a swept volume of 1440 + 720 cm3, a speed range from 750 rpm to 1750 rmp, and a displacement from 32.4 + 64.8 m3/h to 75.6 + 151.2 V.

En-Save: An ammonia absorption system with waste heat was presented by En-Save, which saves more than 80% energy and is offered in variety of sizes ranging between 20 - 1000 kW.

Frascold: The company showcased the ATS & ATSA screw compressors as well as C6 ranges both designed for ammonia refrigerant.

Friterm: At the Friterm stand an ammonia air cooler unit designed for commercial and industrial cooling was exhibited. The Friterm NES series consists of 432 models with a wide variety of accessories with capacity ranging between 3 kW - 250 kW. Thanks to triphase fans, the ammonia coolers are suitable not only for fast cooling, but also for low air circulation applications.

HKT Huber-Kälte-Technik: A three-fold motor-compressor unit comprising of a compressor with ball bearings, hermetic coupling and a high efficiency permanent magnetic motor was presented at HKT’s booth. A new ammonia sucker was also introduced - the compact-built and easy to transport unit can be used for automatic exhaustion of larger installations.

Howden Compressors: The compressor manufacturer had on display the oil injected screw compressor WRV with 163 mm range. The compressor is designed with double wall construction offering low operating noise.

HPH: The company presented its range of heat exchangers and evaporators, including flooded evaporators with tubes in copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, cupronickel and titanium.

Kirloskar: The Indian-based compressor manufacturer presented its KRX Series - Screw Compressor Series at Chillventa 2014, especially designed for industrial refrigeration, food & beverage processing, preservation and process cooling. The package can be used directly with DX or flooded chillers or vessels and is available in a wide range of refrigeration capacities from 50kW to 1230kW. On display was also the reciprocating compressor package.

Schick: Schick presented its extensive range of heat transfer fluids and refrigerants, including natural refrigerants R717, and ®R723.

Stefani: At the Stefani stand, a new industrial dual flow air-cooler unit SAID using ammonia as a refrigerant with stainless steel tubes was presented. The unit has a cooling power of 17kW, featuring high efficiency fans of 630mm diameter and doubles speed that allows a uniform distribution of the air inside the coldroom. This new range of air-coolers features 160 models with power from 6-100kW.

Tecnofreddo: The company exhibited its ZEUS series, water-cooled ammonia brine chiller, which is available with 1, 2, or 3 screw compressors in parallel and packaged chillers with low refrigerant charge (up to 75 kg).

Vahterus: A new generation of heat exchangers, the Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers (PSHE) developed by Vahterus was exhibited at its booth. At the heart of the PSHE is a fully welded pack of circular plates housed within an outer pressure vessel. Vahterus also introduced a flooded evaporator with external separator PSHE&VES2 with improved oil separation, redesigned demister and low ammonia charge.

Winter Air Conditioning & Refrigeration: The company specialising in design, installation and maintenance services in UAE and throughout Middle East showcased its customised WRV package design suitable for numerous industrial refrigeration end-uses. The package design comprises of Howden WRV compressor, Siemens PLC control panel, 3-stage oil separator among other components and complies with all applicable international standards and codes.

WITT: On display at WITT’s stand was the WITT open drive GP refrigerant pump specially designed for use in refrigeration systems. The coupling allows use of standard flanged motors and robust design. The open impellers are capable of delivering liquid gas mixtures without interrupting the flow. In addition, the company presented its automatic oil returns with BDP and BDP2 that transport oil by hot gas automatically back to the compressor.

Yantai Moon Group: An ammonia heat recovery system was presented at Yantai Moon’s booth. The system provides refrigeration as well as hot water heating of up to 75°C by using the generated waste heat. Heat recovery can be adjusted from 0-100% to meet individual demands of customers.

Zudek: The company has a range of industrial refrigeration products, including the innovative air condensing chiller AIRMATIK, the twin piston or screw compressor chiller ECOMATIK, the ammonia absorption chiller package ENERMATIC, the innovative heat energy storage system ICEMATIC, and the heat pump water heater RECUMATIK.

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By Klara Skačanová

Oct 24, 2014, 18:01

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