Send your input: New publication on NH3/CO2 secondary systems for cold store operators

By Alexandra Maratou, Jan 11, 2013, 10:32 2 minute reading

Endorsed by the “Sustainable Energy Europe” programme, the “Examples of NH3/CO2 secondary systems for cold store operators” is the latest in a series of shecco’s free publications. It aims to inform industry and policy decision makers about the role secondary cooling systems that combine NH3 and CO2 refrigerants can play in th

The wide acceptance of new technologies depends on a myriad of factors, in the technological, economic and social field that form part of a complex network of interactions. Both innovators and technology adopters share a common concern for respecting the economic bottom-line and for choosing solutions that provide the highest possible level of investment security while being framed by solid industry support and favourable policy conditions.

The industrial refrigeration industry is no exception to this. While the use of ammonia has not been challenged on grounds of lacking energy efficiency nor overall environmental benefits, the trend towards reducing the refrigerant charge for increased safety is currently changing the industry.

The new publication examines what role secondary cooling systems combining the safety and efficiency gains of two refrigerants with lowest negative environmental impact can play in providing cold store operators with investment security at high efficiency and safety levels.

The publication’s chapters

The publication considers the technical, safety and financial implications of using secondary refrigeration systems combining the use of ammonia and carbon dioxide and highlights legislative, safety, technology, efficiency and cost aspects, in addition to listing various case studies. It features the following main chapters:
  • Cold Store Industry Profile: global growth trends; the European cold store market drivers; typical size of cold storage facilities and required temperature levels
  • Regulatory Framework: developments at the international level, the European Union level, and the national level
  • Secondary Systems in Industrial Refrigeration: about natural refrigeration
  • Technology – NH3/CO2 Secondary System: key components of ammonia-CO2 pumped systems; environment; safety; costs
  • Best-Practice Guide for End-Users: considerations of CO2 unique properties; optimising operation efficiency through controls and other measures
  • Case Studies: five real-life examples of secondary refrigeration systems

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Examples of NH3/CO2 secondary systems for cold store operators

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shecco is an integrated Marketing & Communications consultancy supporting the introduction of climate friendly technologies. Its primary focus today is to facilitate the market uptake of heating and cooling solutions based on natural refrigerants. 


By Alexandra Maratou

Jan 11, 2013, 10:32

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