New Sabroe HeatPAC: High temperature heat pump by Johnson Controls

By Clémence Girard-Reydet, Jul 31, 2012, 10:17 1 minute reading

Johnson Controls, a leading supplier for customised industrial heat pumps, presents its newest model, the Sabroe HeatPAC. Equipped with high pressure screw compressors, the new HeatPAC unit is designed to provide high heat pump capacity with only a very small refrigerant charge, enabling companies to reduce their energy costs and their overall environmental impact.

The high-temperature HeatPAC recovers waste heat by cooling the hot water that can be reclaimed from free energy sources such as ambient temperatures or industrial waste heat from equipment such as motors and compressor units, condensers, or gas coolers in power plants. That way, the heat pump produces much more energy than it consumes.

The hot water can then be used in a variety of industrial installations like abattoirs, dairies, breweries or fish processing plants.

Sabroe HeatPAC basic specifications

  • Flooded ammonia refrigeration system
  • Produces water up to 90°C
  • Fully welded plate heat exchangers
  • Pre-formed piping
  • Shell-and-plate evaporator with a built-in liquid separator, and a shell- and-plate condenser.

Every Sabroe heat pump unit is factory-built and customised for each specific application to ensure optimum energy saving. All units are performance-tested in the Johnson Controls end-of-line test centre before dispatch and delivered with a test certificate including capacity and efficiency data.

"With this new product, we can reach many new customer needs. NH3 Heat pumps are good for the business, for the environment and for the economic bottom line" says company business development manager, Alexander Cohr Pachai.

About Johnson Controls

Since its beginnings in 1885, Johnson Controls has grown into a global leader in building efficiency, automotive experience, and power solutions. Johnson Controls is one of the leading companies of refrigeration and chiller solutions based on natural refrigerants. It offers products and services that optimise energy use and improve comfort and security.

Contact information

If you would like to contact Johnson Controls for any enquiries, you may send a request to Alexander Cohr Pachai directly.


By Clémence Girard-Reydet

Jul 31, 2012, 10:17

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