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By Sabine Lobnig, Mar 16, 2012, 11:24 2 minute reading

The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is one of the world’s oldest private institutes supplying practical and theoretical services related to natural refrigerants. Its Centre for Refrigeration and Heat Pump Technology introduces its test, consultancy and R&D activities on

DTI’s expertise is divided into domestic activities and international projects in close collaboration with leading research and educational institutions. The institute’s R&D projects are often supported by governmental or EU funds and the institute is giving technical support to public authorities and companies all over the world.

The institute carries out consultancy and standardization services in such a way that new knowledge and technology can quickly be converted into new or improved products, materials, processes and methods.

DTI’s Center for Refrigeration and Heat Pump Technology

For 20 years, DTI's Centre for Refrigeration and Heat Pump Technology has been one of the leading companies in the implementation of natural refrigerants in Denmark and has investigated natural refrigerant applications in more than 300 projects all with the participation of industrial partners. The center's projects have a broad range application from refrigeration, heat pumps, compressor design to reports describing the environmental impact of refrigerants.

Today, the center is one of the world’s leading research and technologically based knowledge institutions for refrigeration technology, offering the following services and facilities:
  • One of the world's most modern laboratories and the world's largest and most flexible testing facility
  • Accredited tests of heat pump systems
  • Consultancy: Refrigeration, e.g. energy savings in refrigeration systems, Industrial processes design and optimisation, Heat pumps, and related technology e.g. steam recompression technology, Consultancy in the construction or renovation of plants, Public authorities support in Denmark and in other European countries, CFD/FEM-calculations
  • Training courses: international theoretical courses and practical hands-on training for installers and engineers of refrigeration systems

DTI on

“We think that ammonia is one of the most interesting natural refrigerants in the world – both from an environmental and thermodynamical point of view. Ammonia has been an important refrigerant in the past but with increasing environmental focus ammonia will also be one of the major refrigerants of the future – we already see this by increasing requests from our customers. At DTI, we find it important to take part in the development and we therefore find it natural to join as this is where ammonia community meets” says Claus Schøn Poulsen, mechanical engineer and center manager at the Danish Technological Institute.

About the Institute

Founded in 1906 by Gunnar Gregersen, the Danish Technological Institute is one of the oldest independent, not-for-profit institutes in the world. The Institute, gathering currently 850 employees, is one of the largest private institutes to supply technological services such as consultancy, tests, certification and training to companies and public-sector organisations. It is located at six premises throughout Denmark.


By Sabine Lobnig

Mar 16, 2012, 11:24

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