Dry & Spray, ammonia heat exchanger units by LU-VE

By Sabine Lobnig, Mar 12, 2012, 11:20 3 minute reading

LU-VE, the Italian expert for commercial and industrial cooling and refrigeration systems presents its new Dry & Spray heat exchanger unit range designed to optimise ammonia large capacity condensers and liquid coolers performances.

The latest generation of Dry & Spray units comes to enlarge and improve LU-VE’s product range using the SPRAY system. It combines innovative and ecological characteristics allowing reducing significantly energy and water consumption as well as overall running costs, sound emissions and health hazards due to the recirculation of water.

Dry & Spray units are high efficiency heat exchangers. The transition from dry operation to wet operation is generally set at 20° C. When the ambient air temperature becomes too high, the system automatically starts to spray the required amount of water onto the fins.

Basic specifications
  • High efficiency heat exchangers with aluminium fins
  • Ramps are fitted with special atomization nozzles for the distribution of water
  • Solenoid valves to open and close the water distribution ramps
  • Electronic control system which optimises the operation of the Dry & Spray system
  • Dry operation: Fan rotation speed regulated, reduction of energy consumption and sound level
  • Spray function: Quantity of water is regulated with reduction of water consumption. This regulation operates in parallel with the regulation of the air velocity to minimise consumption of water and electricity.
The new Dry & Spray series is the result of LU-VE’s research & development activities, under the supervision of the Dipartimento di Energetica del Politecnico di Milano. They have focussed on providing a product that can guarantee total safety and health protection:
  • No recirculation of the atomized water
  • No deposits or biofilm
  • No air dispersal of water droplets
  • No bacteria contamination risks

The Dry & Spray system has been awarded the Health Safety Certificate issued by Domatec, a German laboratory accredited to test water and air hygiene quality in buildings. World’s leading brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Wienstrom GmbH, the Frankfurt Fair and the Clinical University of Marburg, to name just a few, have already chosen to install Dry & Spray units in their facilities.

COP improvement with Dry & Spray

Stefano Filippini, R&D Manager at LU-VE presented a paper about the “Dry & Spray technology: high efficiency heat exchangers for liquid cooler, CO2 gas cooler, NH3 condenser” at the 4th IIR Ammonia Refrigeration Technology Conference in 2011. He presented test results showing that the new Dry & Spray technology allows the construction of high unit capacity plants and that performance increases exponentially compared to the traditional dry configuration and depending greatly on the choice of nebulizing pressure.
Filippini concludes that the great advantage in terms of COP improvement of the plant is due to the lower temperature level for heat rejection. This is particularly important for a NH3 (ammonia) plant that requires low condensing temperature. Also in warm climate with design air temperature of 35° C, it is therefore possible to reach high capacities.

About LU-VE

LU-VE has introduced a new way of conceiving and making refrigeration and air conditioning products, using avant-garde technologies that have become a constant reference-point for the entire industry.

The Group is an international entity with its main offices and its 7 production units based in Uboldo, Varese. There are also 14 sales companies in the LU-VE Group located in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Costa Rica, Australia, Poland, Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and China.

Contact Information

If you would like to contact LU-VE for any enquiries, you may send a request to sales@luve.it directly.


By Sabine Lobnig

Mar 12, 2012, 11:20

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