Launch of first North American natural refrigerant survey 

By Sabine Lobnig, Mar 07, 2012, 15:14 2 minute reading

Following the successful 2011 global industry survey on natural refrigerants, shecco is launching a new project, this time looking for active input from the heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration industry with operations in Canada, Mexico and the USA. Results will be published in the free “GUIDE 2012: Natural Refrigerants – North America’s Market Potential”, this summer.

 As part of its series of free GUIDES designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the market for natural refrigerant technology, marketing and communications specialist shecco has launched a survey aimed a collecting data for a North American only publication. Results from shecco’s latest survey will provide the first ever snapshot of Canadian, Mexican, and US industry expectations for the natural refrigerant market.
Take the survey and have your say on the market potential of natural refrigerants in North America
Filling in the survey will take 15 minutes, and survey respondents will receive a free business directory entry in the ““GUIDE 2012: Natural Refrigerants – North America’s Market Potential”. They can also win free seat at the ATMOsphere workshop, organized on 12-13 June. 
The North American survey will enquire about the following:
  • Availability of Natural Refrigerant (NR) products & services
  • Information & Awareness levels among the industry and customers
  • Overall policy & business climates for NR
  • Market forecasts by industry sector and natural refrigerant for the period 2012-2020
  • Overall leadership potential of the North American HVAC&R industry
  • Purchasing criteria for HVAC&R equipment and how NR technology performs in comparison to conventional refrigerant systems
  • Willingness-to-pay for NR systems
  • Main policy & industry trends affecting the development of the HVAC&R market
To take the survey, please follow this link: 
GUIDE 2012: Natural Refrigerants – North America’s Market Potential 
Bringing together North American perspectives on policy, market and industry data in one easy-to-use document, the "GUIDE 2012: Natural Refrigerants – North America’s Market Potential", will combine both background information and in an depth evaluation of the situation today. 
In light of the growing North American interest in carbon dioxide, ammonia and hydrocarbons, and The Consumer Goods Forum 2010 declaration that it will phase out HFC refrigerants and replace them with natural refrigerants as of 2015, the North American GUIDE 2012 will come a crucial time, helping both newcomers and experts alike to find their bearings and chart a course in the rapidly evolving world of natural refrigerants.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact shecco’s market research team at:


By Sabine Lobnig

Mar 07, 2012, 15:14

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