15,000 ICF valve stations for NH3 cascade from Danfoss in operation worldwide

By Sabine Lobnig, Sep 01, 2011, 10:00 2 minute reading

Since coming to market in 2006, Danfoss’ ICF valve station has become a preferred valve station for industrial refrigeration installers. With 15,000 units in operation around the globe as of July 2011, the award winning ICF reduces installation and servicing time, and improves cost efficiency.

Especially suitable for ammonia cascade systems, Danfoss’ single unit ICF valve station is designed for industrial refrigeration applications for a maximum working pressure of 52 bar. The ICF reached a supply milestone in July 2011 when unit number 15,000 was delivered a US contractor. Danfoss states that to date, the 15,000 ICF valve stations installed in refrigeration systems around the globe have saved installers more than 9300 working days, freeing engineering, construction and service crews to work on other value-adding activities.

Product features ICF valve station

The ICF’s unique modular design offers the full functionality of a conventional valve train in a single compact unit. Instead of having to deal with up to six different components in a conventional valve train, installers appreciate that the ICF is one component with a single code number. Fast refrigerant evacuation time and easy access to individual function modules also help to ensure that the valve station is simple to service, which helps keep maintenance costs under control.

Designed for quick and easy installation, the plug-and-play ICF unit requires only two welds, whereas conventional valve stations of six or more individual components require up to twelve welds. With a maximum working pressure of 52 bar, the versatile ICF valve station is also very well suited for natural CO2 as well as other, future high-pressure refrigerants, providing unmatched freedom for application design.

AHR Innovation Award and a wide application range

Launched at the IKK (now Chillventa) international trade fair in 2006, the ICF 20-40 range won the AHR Innovation Award in 2007 – Danfoss’ fifth Innovation Award in as many years. In keeping with Danfoss’ commitment to provide efficient and environmentally responsible solutions for the industries it services, the ICF range provides flexible time and energy savings for small and large industrial refrigeration systems. It has quickly become an industry favourite for a wide range of applications in cold stores, large slaughterhouses, breweries, compressor packages and more.

About Danfoss

Danfoss is a global leader within energy-efficient solutions that help save energy and meet the challenge of climate change. Its key competencies are cooling of food, air conditioning, control of electrical motors and heating in buildings – as well as solutions for renewable energy such as solar power. Danfoss also comprises Sauer-Danfoss that is among the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile hydraulics. The company has built up its competencies within energy-efficient solutions for 78 years now. Today Danfoss employs 23,500 employees globally and has 110 sales companies around the world.


By Sabine Lobnig

Sep 01, 2011, 10:00

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