Vahterus CEO Condemns Ukraine Invasion, Stops Business with Russia

By Michael Garry, Mar 06, 2022, 01:31 2 minute reading

The Finnish family business is a pioneer in the development of plate-and-shell heat exchangers

Mauri Kontu, Founder and CEO of Vahterus; photo from LinkedIn.

Mauri Kontu, Founder and CEO of Finnish heat exchanger manufacturer Vahterus, condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and said his company is stopping its business with Russia, in a recent LinkedIn post.

“Vahterus, like most of the global business world, condemns Russia’s military action in Ukraine,” wrote Kontu, who called the invasion “devastating and hard for any human being to accept.” 

“The whole team gives its sympathy and support to the Ukrainian people,” he said.

As a practical action, he added, “we’re stopping all our business with Russia. Human life comes first, always – money far, far later.”

Kontu noted that Finland lost over 100,000 soldiers during World War II “as my parents and their generation fought for our independence.” He described the losses as “immeasurable on both a mental and physical level, and these events still influence all Finnish people’s lives today.”

The current war, he said. “is a violation of global security, but also of the invaluable global collaboration for which we strive.”

Vahterus, a family business founded in 1990, is a pioneer in the development of plate-and-shell heat exchanger technology. Its heat exchangers are used as evaporators, condensers, subcoolers, desuperheaters and other applications. They support chillers, heat pumps, absorption systems transcritical systems.

The Vahterus plate-and-shell heat exchanger (PSHE) Combined is designed to reduce the dimensions of a traditional evaporator and separator system, and can be used in low-charge ammonia systems.

The whole team gives its sympathy and support to the Ukrainian people."
-- Mauri Kontu, Vahterus

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By Michael Garry

Mar 06, 2022, 01:31

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