Indian Dairy Saves Up to 20% in Energy with GEA Ammonia System

Fortune Dairy also saves 20% in total ownership cost with the new compact system, which takes up 70% less space than the old one, says GEA.

The machine room at the Fortune Dairy plant. Credit: GEA.

Fortune Dairy, located near Pune in western India, has installed a GEA ammonia (R717/ NH3) refrigeration system, increasing its energy efficiency by 15 to 20% while also saving 20% in total ownership cost, compared to the previous system, said German manufacturer GEA.

The new system, based on GEA Grasso M series compressors, consists of two racks with a combined capacity of 250TR (879kW), and is used to chill milk. It was commissioned in March 2020, and has been operating without any issues since, GEA said.

“Our unit is an indirect chilling system with falling film chillers and an ice bank tank system to take care of peak load and thermal storage systems for milk chilling,” said Thomas Lergenmueller, Product Manager at GEA Refrigeration Technologies.

In addition to the racks and compressors, GEA also provided its Omni control panel to monitor the racks, but other components for the system were outsourced by Fortune, according to GEA. The Omni is an open system, meaning it can monitor and control refrigeration equipment from basically any common manufacturer, thus eliminating the need for auxiliary control systems.

GEA Grasso M series

The Grasso M series compressor is a low-maintenance high-speed 4,500rpm screw unit. Its package has a compact design, saving up to 70% of floor space compared with previous equipment, making it “the most compact standard machine in its segment,” GEA said.

“GEA Grasso M series compressors (C to G sizes) are designed for up to 6,000rpm, whereas standard compressors from other manufacturers are designed for 3,000rpm with 50Hz and 3,600rpm with 60Hz,” Lergenmueller said. Higher speeds increase the power density and speed regulation range of the compressor, which can benefit the customer in various ways: smaller or fewer compressors to meet the capacity requirements, hence less space consumption. Improved part-load efficiencies also reduces the energy consumption, and ultimately total cost of ownership.

With the M series, GEA recommends an overhaul after every 55,000 operating hours. This meant that Fortune Dairy’s maintenance interval is now twice as long as previously, saving it significant expenses. Thanks to a refined oil management system, the oil carry-over of the package into the system remains as low as max. 5ppm, another maintenance cost saver.

Why this solution?

Explaining why Fortune chose this solution, GEA said, “They were looking for a solution that would add flexibility to the daily operation of the plant and support them in their quest for energy efficiency and sustainability. Most importantly, Fortune Dairy was looking for a compression system that would prove to be a wise investment decision.”

GEA was able to fulfill Fortune’s flexibility requirement with the stepless variable speed compressors, able to run from 1,500 to 4,500rpm. In combination with the Omni panel, they “ensure that the units run as energy efficient as possible for the different capacity requirements of the customer,” GEA said.

"As an emerging, and one of the fastest growing, dairy brands, we are always looking for exceptional technology products to drive our growth,” said Manoj Tupe, CMD Fortune Dairy Industries.

“GEA's M series screw compressors have made a big difference in our refrigeration plant — in addition to reduced maintenance costs and increased energy efficiency, we are now making progress in reducing CO2 emissions by using a natural refrigerant,” Tupe added.

"GEA has a long-standing relationship with Fortune Dairy and we are proud to be involved in this first-of-its-kind installation in the Indian dairy sector,” said Prakash Patil, Director Sales & Service – Refrigeration Technologies India Cluster .

“The fact that we were able to help Fortune Dairy achieve its goals and reduce the total cost of ownership by up to 20% excites us and our customer alike,” said Patil.

GEA Group announced in June its goal to become carbon neutral along its entire value chain by 2040.

GEA's M series screw compressors have made a big difference in our refrigeration plant — in addition to reduced maintenance costs and increased energy efficiency, we are now making progress in reducing CO2 emissions by using a natural refrigerant," - Manoj Tupe, Fortune Dairy

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By Tine Stausholm (@TStausholm)

Aug 16, 2021, 10:17

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